Ridge Vents

尊龙游戏A ridge vent runs the entire length of the roof peak, blending into the roofline for a more attractive home. Years of research prove that a ridge vent with external baffles and an internal weather filter, combined with undereave venting, is the most efficient system you can install.

Ridge Vents

Superior airflow and weather protection with low-profile design

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ShingleVent II Class A

尊龙游戏Fire-rated for Class A roof decks

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productbox multi pitch filtervent

Installs on the peak of the roof allowing exhaust ventilation all along the roofline -- end-to-end.

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VenturiVent Plus

尊龙游戏Maximum airflow from low-profile design that blends with the roofline. Available with and without nails.

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Hip Ridge Vent

尊龙游戏A ridge vent designed for diagonal hips

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RidgeVent 20

尊龙游戏Low-profile, shingle-over vents your attic/building. Once installed, its almost invisible.

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Peak Performer Rolled Ridge Vents

Low-profile, shingle-over vent installs at the peak of the roof allowing exhaust ventilation along the entire ridge

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Air Vent Contractor LocatorOur exclusive Contractor Locator will allow you to find contractors in your area who can assist with Air Vent product installation—including solar attic fans and skylight tubes. Click the link below to register and get started.


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